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PV Solar (Water Heating)

The intelligent and cost effective way to heat your water with surplus energy from your PV solar system.

Smarter water heating for your PV Solar system

This intelligent device is a sensible and practical addition to your PV or Wind microgeneration system.

Water is heated via your existing immersion heater, using surplus power that would otherwise have been exported to the grid.

The immerSUN monitors the electricity which is about to be exported to the grid and diverts it to your immersion heater. It then automatically directs any excess generated electricity, not used by the house, to the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder.


The Benefits

Increase return on your investment

Estimated payback period of 3 – 5 years using immerSUN which will increase the return on your initial PV investment.

Higher efficiency reduces your energy bills

Generate electricity and heat your water at the same time.

Built in hot water programmer

As much control as you need over immerSUN’s activities.

Smart water heating

Utilising surplus PV generated energy, without affecting any FiT benefits.

Use your Free electricity when you are out of the house

Excess electricity not used by the house, is directed to your immersion heater to heat your water.

Easy to install

The system uses your existing immersion heater.

ImmerSUN is compatible with all inverters, smart meters and energy monitoring systems, and boasts an extensive range of features. This controller is the perfect addition to any PV or wind turbine installation.

Key Features

  • Heats water from your PV system or Wind Turbine
  • Effectively adjusts power levels to the immersion heater, keeping the exported power at virtually zero
  • No need to be at home to use the free electricity, whatever the weather
  • Do not have to change your immersion heater
  • Suitable for all electrical microgeneration systems
  • Built-in hot water boost timer
  • Manual hot water boost function
  • Back-lit LCD display shows energy saved, output power and operating mode
  • Dual immersion heater control option
  • Internal multi-function relay in-addition to the modulated power output
  • Up to 4 devices can be daisy-chained for master / slave operation
  • MODBUS RS485 interface for system expansion and external data logging
  • Internal thermal protection
  • 3 year product warranty

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